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Why should you buy a Photobooth?




Purchase option is available just for companies who want to use the photobooth exclusively to promote their own brand, for example to implement marketing strategies or launch new products. If you are a photographer, a private individual or part of a communication/advertising agency (or similar agencies) you can take a look to partnership.


Flàshati Photobooth is a perfect option for enterntainment agencies that want to widen their offer, for firms who want to spread the awareness of their brands and for any kind of commercial activities: restaurants, clubs, hotels.


The product

Flàshati Photobooth measures  58 cm x 75 cm x  37 cm and height up to 175 cm (support base included). It is suitable to every context and can be customized with forex panels, adhesives and other materials.It includes a dye sublimation printer and a reflex camera which allow to shoot and print high quality photos in real time, a tablet  to run our Photobooth software and a led spotlight.


The software

Flàshati Photobooth software and Layout Editing Software were both developed by our own developer team and available in english, german, italian and french. Flàshati Photobooth allows you to choose the format you like (postcard or photostrip) and four different customized layouts for your photos, remotely control the photobooth with your smartphone  and share the shots by email or on social media. "Layout Editing" allows you to create customized layout within few minutes. We periodically release software updates in order to keep up with the times and improve user experience.


Transport & Assembly

Flàshati Photobooth was designed especially for being easy to trasport and assembly.

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